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Five Easy Steps to Online Business Success

Welcome back biz tips readers. Today's free home business tips were written by a good friend of mine, Jason Gazaway (yeah you've probably heard of him). So I will pass you on to him now...


Easy Steps to Online Success

Today I wanted to discuss the 5 main steps to online marketing success. If you can follow these steps, you will become successful online. I use these techniques and they are also used by several other successful Internet marketers who pull in thousands a day...

1. Set your initial goal.

Whether you want to generate $100 per day or $1000 per day, the first step is to set a goal for yourself. Often times you will find it most effective to set short term and long term goals.

This will allow you to obtain small successes while still recognizing the big picture as to where you want to go. Those who become successful within Internet Marketing, or any business, have set goals and persevere until they achieve these goals.

2. Research and Select a Niche Product to Promote.

Would you buy a car without researching it before hand? Probably not. Do your research prior to selecting a niche to promote. Often times people get way over their heads before they have a solid understanding of how they are going to make money within a niche.

We highly suggest researching industries, products, competitors, advertising costs, and overall opportunities prior to commencing any advertising campaign. You can research markets using the following guidelines:

3. Find Profitable Keywords.

You will need to research keywords and the average cost per click (CPC) over an industry before you begin promoting it. Some industries have thousands of keywords, while some are so specific that only have a handful of keywords.

A smaller industry can convert just as well as a large one, so don't be fooled by industries with keywords and low traffic.

4. Find High ROI Affiliate Programs.

The last research step is to find suitable affiliate merchants within the industry that you want to promote. There are many affiliate networks that have thousands of affiliate programs across different industries.

These include:

- (Commission Junction)

If you are promoting products through a PPC engine such as Google Adwords or Yahoo! Marketing, you will need to make sure that the affiliate program will pay high enough to make it profitable. You typically want to stick to programs that pay over $15/commission. Alternately you can join a program like Wealthy Affiliate and use their recommendations on products that they have tested. (recommended)

5. Start an Advertising Campaign.

Once you find a product that you want to sell, you'll want to create an Advertising program for it. We suggest promoting the product using Google Adwords or Yahoo! Marketing as these are the highest converting PPC engines available.

The following are 2 resources that we highly recommend. These resources focus on teaching you how to create successful advertising campaigns:

For Help, or personal coaching on creating your advertising campaigns I *highly* suggest the two following resources:

I personally am a member at Wealthy Affiliate and I would not have experienced the same amount of success without the support of Kyle & Carson, the resources they provide, or the assistance that many of the fellow members at Wealthy Affiliate have given me.

Take the Leap!

Once you have accomplished the previous 5 steps, it is up to you to
take the leap.

That's all for today...

Take care,
Jason Gazaway
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