Restart Button

Restart Button

Many of us use the beginning of the year as a time to set goals for the year. You may have set resolutions.

I’ll bet I can name 80% of everyone’s resolutions in two guesses – First – get healthier (lose weight, build muscle, run a marathon, eat better)  and Second – Make more money (maybe with my LifePath Unlimited business).

After that – it’s other happiness builders – more family time, more personal satisfaction from my work, clean the closets or the garage, or for the true underachievers – just clean out the trunk of the car!

Great.  That my goals and your goals and everyone else’s goals are similar is FINE.  Really, it’s good for your Life Path Unlimited business.  You are in a place to get yourself on the path to all of these goal and more.  And what’s more, you know that most of the people you speak to have these same aspirations, and you can help them help themselves.

We start January with goals, and by the last 10 days of January – we can see if we are moving in a new direction or falling into old patterns – goals forgotten.  Those last ten days of January are the days with the highest reported depression of the year…and the explanation is that this is when people realize they are not moving toward their goals.

So, they get DEPRESSED.  Um…well…call me crazy, but as a self reflective, course adjusting person, I don’t spend a lot of time wallowing in depression.

I do something different from getting depressed.  If my goals are not getting closer, I reflect; I adjust; I  RESTART. If your results in all your life are not what you dream about, push restart.  If you are knocking the ball off the cover, push restart and do it again.

I wrote myself a note to remind me that restarting takes action – it’s a quotation from a complete unknown…we’ll call him “Bob”  (cause that’s his name).  Bob and I spent many hours watching our respective eldest sons play hockey – the boys were on the same team from first grade through 7th grade.  Bob had a lot of great lines while watching Brendan play, and my favorite thing ever out of Bob’s mouth was this:  he yelled “BRENDAN, every shot you don’t take won’t go in!”

Write that one down now – every shot you don’t take won’t go in.  Brilliant. Every ad you don’t place won’t bring prospects to your LifePath Unlimited business.  And every prospect you don’t call, won’t become a new, enlightened person through LifePath’s Discovery Series.”

So, push restart, take your shots, place your ads, make your calls, and make this your best week ever.


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