Top Tier Home Based Business

The most important thing to strive for in order to make your Life Path Unlimited business take off is mastery.  How do you approach mastery?

Two simple steps that, taken over and over, will lead to mastery.

First: practice self- reflection.

What is going well today, this week, this month?  What is not working as well as you want it to?

In my LifePath Unlimited business, a lot is going well: I am actively marketing amazing products.  The quality of the Discovery Series and the true life changing nature of the Breakthrough Conference eclipse everything I have seen from other companies.  I briefly marketed Liberty League products, but I never felt good about the value of what I was selling.  I could never reflect and feel like those products were working well.

Next, make adjustments.

Here’s an example from my practice of working toward mastery.

Last week I identified taking action as not going as well as I wanted. So I adjusted and took more and bigger action to promote Life Path Unlimited.

As a result, I have leads, and I am calling them on a regular basis. Many people are looking for a profitable, high quality home business.  I contact great quality prospects who want to learn this business from the top leaders.

While taking action, I got results, but not all the results I felt I deserved.  I continued to reflect and make adjustments.

Midweek, I was talking to another LifePath representative about marketing, and he suggested I use his auto-responders to keep in touch with my prospects.

“What?” I asked,  “Just use yours?  Are you sure?”


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