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The introduction of a new aviation security human x-ray machine installed at Manchester England International airport caused a huge surge in the number of passengers voicing concerns about big brother intrusion.
aviation security consultants are stating it appears a lot of passengers resent the reality that aviation and transportation security may be taken a stage too far. The new xray safety machine scans passengers suitable right down to their birthday fit.
Numerous aviation security passengers are fearful that aviation and transportation safety may be using aviation and security too far.
These new safety in aviation strategies have attracted the interest of the media as well as the BBC in certain.
Immediately after the national media reported the negative elements of self aware aviation passengers sensation uncomfortable at the believed of any aviation safety officer being capable to see them in all their naked glory the BBC contacted me to supply a reside radio discussion about aviation safety.
At 2-15pm on October 14th 2009 I supplied a live on the net radio dialogue to the BBC WM midlands radio station. Global gas The thrust of the dialogue focussed around the improve in safety in aviation airports safety and xray safety.
BBC viewers and listeners voiced issues that aviation safety international had been shedding sight of your reality that charge paying aviation passengers really feel that security is impacting on their air journey time. Quite a few also feel that security in aviation should be peaceful given the reduction in airports security related troubles.
Because the British American Safety Expert my 1st job was to try and shake the listeners out of this terrible safety affliction that aviation safety consultants call Condition White. This situation indicates that persons go about their lives in blissful ignorance of any security connected troubles materialising about them.
Most safety experts know that complacency is one of the gravest concerns relating to Situation White.
From the counter terrorism point of view safety complacency will get persons killed. If this sounds like I am getting paranoid then you happen to be totally appropriate. The sole difference is my paranoia is skilled paranoia. Ive been trained by a lot of the finest security and aviation safety specialists inside the world.
In my capacity because the British American Security Professional I have been quoted on document stating that terrorist organisations devote decades looking to exploit the weakest hyperlinks in aviation security.
The American Airlines flights 11 77 and United Airlines flights 93 175 of September 11th can deliver no clearer indication in the lengths professional terrorist will go to to achieve mission success.
Its no great secret that aviation and security took an enormous global financial knock post Sept 11th. However most aviation safety consultants agree that aviation and transportation safety is now in the ideal level it has ever been in most modern western countries.
Generally aviation security global has improved and 1 with the ideal improvements continues to be in aviation security officer training.
Globally aviation safety has received substantial investment to increase all elements of security in aviation and airports security.
The latest addition of state of your art safety products and services like the newest xray security machines at Manchester airport really should be viewed as another positive phase forward by the aviation and transportation security industry to protect their fee having to pay passengers.
Quite a few of these new increased security measures consist of overt security products and services. However lots of security in aviation products and services are covert.
By definition these means their presence is only known to a safety cleared aviation security officer. 1 from the most sensationally reported safety service aspects in the post September 11th terrorist atrocities was the incorporation of armed sky marshals.
Sensationalised by the media and reinforced by Hollywood the presence of armed sky marshals aboard civilian passenger aircraft attracted much global attention.
In actuality the presence of armed law enforcement officers was nothing new for a lot of civilian airlines. For a very long time just about every Israeli aircraft carried armed sky marshals and still do. Aviation security in Israel has always been taken quite seriously.
The Israelis have been extremely pretty successful at providing professional security countermeasures for their aviation and security authority.
If you think we are over the worst with the global war on terror then think again due to the fact all the aviation safety consultants I know agree that we are only within the eye in the storm and that tough times require tough counter security measures.
In my role as the British American Safety Expert Im frequently asked if aviation and transportation safety has peaked. Numerous passengers long for a return to 1 hour check in times and less intrusive airports safety and xray safety. In real truth I believe we are in for that long haul regarding safety in aviation.
It is wise to understand that aviation safety global and every individual aviation security officer provides aviation security soley to the benefit of increased passenger security and safety.
If we do ever see a return to a one hour check in time for overseas flights then it is only likely due to the aviation and transportation safety deploying new state from the art safety products and services like the newest xray safety machines at Manchester airport.
Although privacy authorities will always bang the drum about large brother intrusion I cant think of a single genuine reason why any law abiding aviation passenger can voice concerns about a full and detailed xray safety check at any airport.
The British American Safety Professional his aviation security consultants outline new aviation safety measures for business owners. Aviation and transportation security can impact on business owners on business travel.
Aviation security worldwide is such an issue business executives need an awareness of security in aviation airports safety xray safety. Aviation and safety aviation safety officer training have all improved.
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