Friday, July 23, 2004

Internet Marketing Tip - Surveys

Putting a survey on your website is a really good way to not only attract more people to your site but also learn the needs of your visitors.

Some people like to make their opinion heard, others just think it's fun to take surveys, and still other people like to take surveys for other reasons. Whatever their reason may be... People like to take surveys.

Adding one to your site is a fairly easy process but it can attract more visitors and make your current visitors come back for more.

However, a bigger advantage of having a survey on your site is to collect information from your visitors. You can ask them questions designed to give you more info about what they are looking for. Then, you can use the information to give them what they want.

Maybe you find out your visitors are looking for more "how to" information on widgets. Well, now all you have to do is put up a "how to" widget page.

Here is a popular site for finding surveys to put on your website... Survey Monkey

You can find all sorts of surveys there and you can even design your own. There are free versions and paid versions. You will have to decide what you need.

Until next time... Have a great day and go make some money with your business!

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg

PS - If you would like to make some extra money taking surveys you can check out Survey Scout. They offer a huge database of companies that will pay you to take simple surveys from your home.

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