Friday, March 09, 2007

"My Secret Articles" Review

For the past few days I have been reading through the newly revealed "My Secret Articles" and I am absolutely amazed. There is an incredible amount information contained in this package. And it can be used in so many different ways to make money online.

I'm not exactly sure how many pages there are total but there are 50 volumes so far and it looks like they average about 20 pages each. So I would say there are about 1000 pages total and there are supposed to be four more volumes released each and every month.

Honestly, as the sales page says, this really is EVERYTHING you need to earn a solid income on the internet! It covers virtually every topic related to online income generation.

Here are just SOME of the topics covered:

- Niche Marketing

- Domains and Web Hosting

- Article Marketing

- Resale Rights

- Affiliate Programs and Marketing

- Google Adwords

- Google Adsense

- Relationship Selling

- Search Engine Optimization

- Complete Article Writing Course

- Complete Ad Writing Course

- Complete Tutorial on Writing Sales Page Copy

- Creating Your Own E-zine

- The Google Slap

- Forex Trading

- Complete Ebay Tutorial

- Cross Promotion

- Butterfly Marketing

- Bum Marketing

- $7 Secrets

- Outsourcing

- Email Marketing

- Testing and Tracking

- Social Bookmarking

- 3 Step Income Generation System Covered In the Honest Income Program Add-on

- Complete Clickbank Tutorial

- Complete Internet Advertising Tutorial

- Step By Step Business and Marketing Game Plans

- Scams to Avoid

- My Personal Success Secrets

- And More...

After four years of being an internet marketer and stockpiling countless money making products, I have yet to be this impressed.

I even sent the creator a testimonial and that is something I rarely ever do.

I was going to post a complete outline of what is contained in each of the 50 volumes but the author has actually already done that (and more) in a FREE 36 page report titled, "Why YOU Can’t Make Money Online!"

You can get it here: My Secret Articles

The biggest downside for me was that there is so much information contained in the secret articles that it seemed a little overwhelming at first. (But it really wasn't once I just dug in)

The only other negative I potentially see is the price. At $197 it might be a little steep for some. However, my opinion is that it's worth FAR more than the price! And anyone serious about making money online should do whatever it takes to find a way to afford the Secret Articles because you should make that amount back MANY times over and over again if you take action on this information.

Take a look for yourself by grabbing your free report: Why YOU Can’t Make Money Online and How I Can Help!

It would not be surprising at all if the Secret Articles soon becomes the next big must have product in the internet marketing world.

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