Friday, January 28, 2005

Special Offer for All "Biz Tips Blog" Readers

Hello Everyone,

I hope your new year is off to a great start!

I wanted to extend an offer to you before this gets out to anyone
else. I'm sure you've heard the latest buzz online regarding
Empowerism. And just for the record, I'm not a "jump on the
bandwagon" kinda guy! I was already a member way before most were
promoting it recently!

I have some exciting news for you!

I want to help YOU succeed, and so I decided to work with 20 people
closely to build their online business with Empowerism. (please
note that a lot of people will be reading this so the spots will
fill fast)

And... I Will *PAY* Your Way Into It! Please read about this
excellent company, Empowerism, here:

That's right, I will reimburse you the entire first month, no
matter what.

Empowerism is exploding this year already! And many top marketers
are promoting this because they know the true value in what
Empowerism can offer you, me, and the next. People like:

* Stone Evans
* Ewen Chia
* Shelley Lowery
* John Delavera
* Jack Humphrey
* and MANY other top online marketers today.

It will be an exciting year, I can assure you that!! :-)

You're probably thinkin'... "OK Trent. I'm a little bit
interested. But how exactly do I make MONEY with this??"

Well, there are many ways...

Here's one of them:

For every member you personally refer to Empowerism, you get paid a $20 "Fast Start Bonus" + $7 per month in residual income. The "Fast Start Bonus" is really good because you get paid *every week* for these!

Think about it this...

Since Empowerism pays you $20 the very next week for every new
member you refer, you can afford to spend a lot more on
advertising. Even if it costs you $20 in advertising to refer a
new member to Empowerism, you still break even the next week and
then you'll start getting paid $7 per month, every month, in
residual income for every account you refer!

Refer just 100 members this way and you'll already be earning $700
per month in residual income, plus you'll start earning override
income from the production of your downline...

I know that referring 100 members sounds like a lot for some
people, but it really doesn't have to be that difficult as long as
you are not afraid to advertise, and you have my help to guide you

You can make a fortune in this business if you build an advertising
campaign with Google Adwords, Overture pay-per-click, local
newspaper classified ads, etc...

That's just some ideas for ya. Read the archives of this blog for
many more great advertising methods ... Free and Paid :-)

Here's another excellent way you get paid:

You get paid $1 per month for every member in the matrix below you
if you did NOT personally refer that member. Example: Some people
in our matrix *already* have 20+ members in their matrix from
spillover alone. So their fee is already taken care of!

As these accounts renew, you get paid $1 per month for each
account. And as our matrix fills this year, these numbers will grow
because there will be more and more people enrolled in the
program and potentially placed below you.

If you'd like to see the lucrative compensation plan *in action*,
please go to:

Now, if you don't want to recruit right now, you don't have to!

There are 2 excellent ways to build your 1ncome with Empowerism
that don't require recruiting at all. They are the R.S.V.P. and
M.V.P. programs. With R.S.V.P., you get back $2,000 for every $25
purchase you make and with M.V.P., you get back 2.5 times every
purchase you make.

Plus there are a bunch of other great things about them but this
will be way to long if I go into detail. To learn more about
these exciting programs, join under me today, and I'll reimburse
you your first month (though this is limited to only 20 people).

I've personally already made 8 purchases in the R.S.V.P. program
and 5 purchases in the M.V.P. program. I'll be adding to these
purchases monthly and my purchases help you too as long as you are
participating as well!

Check out these two excellent money makers here:

Another exciting thing about Empowerism is it's new contest!

Empowerism is giving away $28,000.00 in cash and prizes for top
recruiters. In reality you can afford to spend a lot more than $20
in advertising for every customer you refer to Empowerism -
especially now during the contest period which ends February 17...
Login to your Empowerism account now and check out the Empower & Strive 2005 Cash Blast to 100,000 Contest!

There will be many winners...

Now, if you're interested in joining this winning company and also
having me pay your first month into this business absolutely
free, please follow the steps below EXACTLY as described...

1. Join Empowersim - go to:

And fill out all required fields under the "join now" tab.

Note: The "Join Now" page is on a Secure Server that has hundreds
of people joining all the time, so please be patient if it takes
the Secure sign-up page a little while to load. In fact, we just
recently reached over 100,000 members. The numbers are exploding!

IMPORTANT: You must join by using the link above or you will not be
reimbursed for the first month.

2. Fill out the form and make the $24.95 payment and click the
Auto-Renewal feature at the bottom (this is required for the
reimbursement offer).

3. Send an email to with the
Subject line "Reimbursement". Then, in the body of your message,
enter your PayPal email address (for receiving payments) and that
you are a member below me, Trent Brownrigg, Member ID: 100571.

Also, make sure you give me your name so I know who you are. Once I verify your position, I'll refund your first month within 48 hours!

Be in this for the long haul. New members are pouring into our
matrix as we speak... It's going to be a wild and exciting ride
ahead. Fasten your seat belts! :-)

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg

"The Only Way To Predict Your Future Is To Create It"

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