Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Using Pay Per Click Listings For Free

Pay Per Click Search Engines are just like any other
search engine except you have to pay for each click
someone makes to get to your site.

To use them for free deposit the minimum required, then
only bid .01 on the keywords related to your site that
cost much more for top positions.

What this will do is list you in their massive database
but due to the fact your listing is so far down the
list, nobody will ever click through to your site. If
they do click on your ad, it will only costs you .01.

--> How Does This Help?

Many free search engines use the Pay Per Click Data
Bases to improve the quality of their own search
results. The settings I use get me about 1 months
advertising for $25 resulting in a 10% increase of web

Your results will vary based on whether you want to try
and ride it for completely free or use a small
advertising budget as I do.

The PayPerClick search engines that gives me the best
results is Findwhat.com.

It only costs $25 to get started. The FindWhat.com
Network is comprised of hundreds of high quality, high
traffic destination websites and search engines like:
CNET's Search.com, Excite, Webcrawler, MetaCrawler and

So just by being listed in Findwhat you also get listed
with these search engines through database sharing. I
have not tried other PPC listings as it does require a
deposit and most want $100 up front.

Submitted By:
Glenn Madden - American TradUR Company
Internet Business How To Start Guide

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