Thursday, September 23, 2004

Business Communication Tip -- Personal Contact Is Best

Emails that are answered personally, by you, are much better than having a secretary or assistant answer them.

People looking on the Internet for products, services, and business opportunites are usually quite skeptical as it is. If they receive a personal email from you it will go a long with in easing their worries.

When someone else answers them it will show in the email. They usually aren't as personable, they may not know as much or care as much, and it shows you are really there for them when it's you taking the time to reply.

Also, you should ALWAYS be honest and straightforward in your replies. This is something that I make sure I always do in my emails to people. Don't try and tell them what they want to hear, even when you know it's not true...

...Sure, you might get the sale or sign-up this time, but you can forget about any referrals from this person, repeat business, etc... Plus, one bad commment will do a lot more damage to your business than 100 good comments will help it.

Some of my best business affiliates and clients have told me that the only reason they stuck with me is because I was honest and straightforward with them, and I personally replied back to them quickly.

Doing all of this will show that you are a real human being (like them) who actually cares.

Until next time... Have a great day!

Dedicated to your business communication success,
Trent Brownrigg

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