Friday, March 30, 2007

Four Secrets for Succeeding In Affiliate Marketing

Being an affiliate marketer is one of the fastest and most lucrative ways to making money there is. Of course, you need a certain amount of knowledge and work in order to make large commission checks but it can be done. However, the money will not start to flow in until you have laid the foundation for your success. Below I have revealed four effective methods for succeeding in affiliate marketing without all the hassles most new affiliate marketers go through.

1) Offer Great Content.

You should offer content on your website that is relevant to your target market, useful and updated frequently. This will help tremendously in gaining trust and respect from your visitors. This first method is critical. If you have a sloppy site that you just threw together in order to make a few bucks, then you shouldn't even get involved in affiliate marketing because you will only be left frustrated.

People need to know that you are honest, respectable, trustworthy, and able to deliver on your promises before they will listen to you. Your website content should show your knowledge and experience while providing great value to your visitors.

2) Soft Sell.

You should insert a soft sell of one or two affiliate products into your content. A soft sell is basically just what it sounds like, a soft, passive promotion of a product. It's best to avoid sales pitch style, or hard selling. This will turn people off and make them want to leave your site.

Here’s an example, let’s say your content is about making money, and you are marketing an opportunity that you have made thousands of dollars with. During the course of your well-written content all you have to do is mention the opportunity and say that it has done great things for you. That’s it. Anything more than that and you are getting into a sales pitch. Simply insert a quick blurb about the opportunity in an appropriate section of your content and give a link to it.

3) Promote Three or More Affiliate Products at Once.

It's important to diversify your affiliate promotions. This helps ensure a much more stable income, because it is produced by multiple streams. It is not a good idea to put all of your eggs into one basket. Promoting only one affiliate product leaves you quite vulnerable!

If only one product is bringing in your entire income what happens if the company suddenly goes under or cuts the commission payouts in half? It would be disastrous to your cash flow! You would be left seeking out a new product and a new marketing scheme for it. This can be very difficult, especially if your whole site was geared toward promoting that one product. But if you have three or more affiliate products regularly bringing in income it wouldn’t be nearly as big a problem if one of the companies went out of business or cut down their commissions.

4) Create a Viral ebook.

Put together a quality ebook, with affiliate links in it, and give it away for free. A viral ebook is basically a free ebook that is spread by word of mouth. Viral ebooks are a great way to market affiliate products. Suppose you create a viral ebook about how to start an online business. Place affiliate links throughout the book. There could be an affiliate link to a great autoresponder company, a web hosting company, a business opportunity, and anything else an internet marketer would need to start an online business. When the readers click on the links within the book and purchases one of the products, you get the commissions.

Everyone wins because the person reading the book gets set up with great services, the companies you promote get more business, the people giving away your ebook get something of value to offer their visitors, and you make a lot of money from the affiliate commissions. Viral ebooks can also explode your website traffic very quickly if it catches on and this can do wonders for your income.

Use the above tactics consistently for a few months and you should become very successful in affiliate marketing. As you get more knowledge, experience, and money to market with you will make more and more affiliate sales.

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg

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