Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ideas For Home Based Business

There are literally thousands of ideas for people to consider for home based businesses. We are inundated on the internet with ideas for working at home and making thousands of dollars, on TV and in the newspapers. Many people dream of relaxing at home and watching the money flow in for only a few hours of work every day. In this article we will discuss some of the attributes you may want to consider for evaluating ideas for home based businesses.

Working at home is not for everyone, nor running your own business. However for some people running your own home based business can be the most exciting challenge as well as rewarding occupation that they can have. If you are considering a business from your home, there are thousands of ideas for a home based business, however how do you pick one that will contribute sufficient income to allow you to lead the lifestyle that you are after?

Skill sets are a major item to consider. Either you already have the skill set, can teach yourself or you can hire the skill sets you need for your business. Either way you will need to budget time and perhaps dollars to acquire these skills sets. Next you may have space requirements and equipment requirements. Whether it is sewing or internet related, there are various items that are required to enable you to perform the business that you plan for your home business.

Sales of your product, marketing of your product and servicing of your products are also key elements to consider. Will you generate sufficient sales to pay for the costs of manufacture and cost of sales? As you can see there are many variables to consider when you are evaluating various ideas for home based businesses.

One approach to ensure that you do a proper and complete evaluation is to create a spreadsheet with various factors that you want to use for evaluation. All of your ideas for a home based business can be listed down the left hand side. Your criteria can be listed across the top. Using a ranking system of 1 to 5, were 5 indicates an excellent fit with your objectives and 1 indicates a poor fit, evaluate each idea that you have come up with. Using this system you will quickly be able to rank the various ideas for a home based business and be able to select the one that has the best chances of success.

In addition to the variables listed above you may also want to include some or all of the following: quality of life, cash investment; products, advertising costs, potential market, competition, expansion possibilities, staffing, tooling, etc. Add your own items as well to form a complete and thorough evaluation of all of your ideas regarding home based business opportunities.

About the author:

Elias Georgi is an experienced and successful sponsor, mentor and coach for many thriving, tested and proven home businesses. Elias offers proven Internet opportunities and strategies. Visit his Website: work at home business opportunities, he also runs the article directory.

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Monday, October 02, 2006

Honest Income Program Review

Honest Income Program Review A few months ago I bought an ebook called the "Honest Income Program" after seeing all the great reviews people were giving about it on a forum that I moderate. I also happen to know the author of the book, Steven Wagenheim, really well from that same forum. He is a very helpful and honest guy who really does want to help people make money online whether there's anything in it for him or not. Based on those factors I decided to give his honest income program a try.

Since I have the program now I figured I would give my own Honest Income Program Review to help out anyone doing research on this product.

Now I am already a successful internet marketer and have been doing business online for quite a few years. Because of that I figured I already knew it all and that there wouldn't be anything in the honest income program that would really help me. Heck, I even told Steven that I didn't have time for anything else in my business. I let him know that I was only buying his ebook because I had been hearing so much great stuff about it and I wanted to see for myself.

Well I was definitely wrong on both accounts! There was a ton of great information in the program that has helped me make a lot more money than I was before. And I made time for it because it would have just been stupid not to.

Even if you are a complete beginner online you will make money with the honest income program as long as you follow it step-by-step. And it's incredibly easy to follow. Steven does not leave anything out. He tells you exactly what you need to do and how to do it. This is really a very simple way to make money!

No, this is not some sit-back-and-get-rich-scheme to make money. You WILL have to work but it is not necessarily hard work and the honest income program is the closest thing to a guaranteed income that I have ever seen online.

Find it Here: Honest Income Program

There are 3 business programs in this ebook and if you put all of them into practice you can easily be earning $2,000 or more per month fairly quickly.

The three businesses of the Honest Income Program are:

1) Program one is a paying online job. Actually it's a collection of paying online jobs that you can choose from or do them all. The companies will pay you to write articles for them based on hundreds of topics you can choose from. There's no selling or recruiting involved in this program at all. It's just honest work. How much money you make with program one is up to you. The more time you put into writing articles, the more money you will make. Even if you only have a couple hours per day to devote to this program you will still make about $500 per month or more.

2) Program two is an affiliate program promoting health related niche products. The program is free to join and they even help you pay for your marketing. These are in-demand niches with little competition, so sales are easier to make and advertising costs are low. You should be able to make $200 or more per month with this program without doing any work at all. The only time you ever have to spend on this program is a few hours at first getting things set up. Now that is what I call easy money!

3) Program three is a combination of an advertising system and a business opportunity. As far as I am concerned this is the best part of the Honest Income Program. The only reason it is the third program is because Steven wants to be sure you are already making a good income from the first two programs to cover the costs of program three at first and still be in profit.

If you follow the system for program three then you should be able to make over $2000 per month with this business alone by the end of year one. And it will continue to increase each month. Add that to the money you are already making from the first two programs and you will have a full-time income from your online business.

Remember that NONE of this is actually costing you anything because of the amazing system. You will be paying for all expenses out of your existing profits.

Plus, there is now an Honest Income Program Advanced that comes with the original Honest Income Program. It gives you the information and resources to make $5000 or more per month in less than a year. However, it is recommended that you do not get into the advanced version until you have done the basic Honest Income Program (explained above) for at least a year.

And that's not all! You also get some great bonus ebooks with re-branding rights and complete instructions on how to sell them plus the software you'll need to re-brand them.

You get hundreds of pages of real content for a ridiculously low price, and free updates for life!

Find it Here: Honest Income Program

I truly can't say enough good things about the Honest Income Program and its author Steven Wagenheim. The program is amazing and Steven is the most helpful person I have ever met in online business.

At least 5 times over the past few months I have personally told Steven that he is WAY undercharging for this ebook. I have tried to get him to raise the price for his sake but he won't do it. The Honest Income Program is worth much more than its price but Steven wants everyone to be able to afford it. He is just that good of a guy!

I definitely recommend the Honest Income Program to anyone looking to start making money on the internet or anyone who is already making money online but wants more. It's great for beginners and seasoned veterans alike.

At the very least I encourage you to read the website too see how honest Steven really is. He doesn't make outrageous claims or try to hype you up. He tells you exactly what you are getting. Actually, after going through the program myself, I can see that the income claims on his website are very low... you should easily be able to make quite a bit more than what he says if you truly follow the system.

Find it Here: Honest Income Program

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg
Owner of Free Home Business Tips

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