Monday, June 26, 2006

Writing Sales Letters That Work - Advertising Tips

Sales letters are the salesmen for your product that never have to sleep, eat, or take a break. They are a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week sales force! So, make them effective and they will reward you many times over. If you write an ineffective sales letter then you are leaving a lot of much money on the table. Use the following tips to make the most of your top salesmen.

Analyze other people's sales letters. If you receive a sales letter and you are tempted to buy then file it away because if it works on you then it would probably work on other people. When you next have to write a sales letter get the file out and look for tips you can use from it. For each retained sales letter examine the wording, the layout, the offer and how it is presented. You can even make notes on the sales letters that did not persuade you to buy. What did they do wrong? How could they be improved?

Include testimonials in your sales letter. Comments from official sources outside your company or from satisfied customers will greatly add to the proof your prospect needs to become interested in your product or service.

One often-neglected part of the sales letter is the order or request form at the end of the letter. Make it clear, attractive and easy to complete. If possible restate the offer on the form so that the customer is in no doubt about what he or she is ordering.

Make it easy for the prospect to contact you. Include a contact address, email address, phone number and even a fax number if you have one.

When they first see a sales page most people scan the headline, then many go straight to the bottom of the page to read the PS. This is because the PS often summarizes the offer. Make sure your PS does this. If you feel you need more than one PS to fully give the benefits you are offering use three PS's, not two. How do marketers know one or three P.S.'s work better than two? From Testing!

If possible test everything in your sales letter. A change to your offer, the price, the typeface or how a customer is encouraged to respond can each make a big difference to your response rates. If you do not have the time or resources to test everything then at least test different headlines. A change in headline can double or even triple the response... or more.

After the sales page has been before your prospects for a while take some time to analyze the results. How many sales did you make? When you sat down to write the letter you should have had a clear outcome in mind. Take a look at the response to the sales letter. Did you get the outcome you desired? If you did not, what was the problem? If you find your sales letter cannot sell your product or service then either it is too complicated for your customers to understand or you have not expressed the benefits well enough. Make necessary changes and then do it all over again until you have a winning sales letter.

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

How to Profit from Blogging Like a Pro

Have you ever heard the words "blog" or "weblog" or even "online diary"? If you have been active online for the past couple years, you’ve probably heard them thousands of times.

What you may not realize is that blogging is not only one of the fastest and easiest ways to get your website indexed in search engines, but it can also be a huge source of income for you.

Blogging has actually been around for quite a few years but only up until the past 2 or 3 years have Internet marketers, become aware of how powerful blogging is.

So where do you get your blog?

You can actually find plenty of free or very cheap places to start a blog. A few of the top rated blog hosting services are, which is owned by Google, and Moveable Type. If you already have a web hosting account somewhere, that runs cPanel & Fantastic, then you're in luck, because Wordpress blog software is just a couple of mouse clicks away from installing on one of your domains.

The easiest to get started and set up your blog is probably, since they are not only free, but they have a very simple step by step process for creating your blog. The only downside to Blogger is that the features that they offer are quite limited. The upside to Blogger is that it's owned by Google, and that can't be a bad thing, if you know what I mean.

The most common way that most Internet marketers are making a profit from their blogs is by integrating Google Adsense into their blog. This is very simple to do and Blogger makes it even easier for you. You can also insert many other contextual advertisements into the blog such as Yahoo, Kanoodle, Chitika and many others as well as any other affiliate links you may have.

The other benefit to blogging is having the ability to add back links to your blog that point to your other websites. This is very important since the more imbound links that you have coming back to your websites, the better you will rank for the keywords you are promoting. You will also have to setup the proper keyword anchor links in your blog and on the pages of your websites that the links are pointing to.

Now, let's look at a summary of what needs to be done in order to take advantage of blogging:

First, you need to setup a blog either at or one of the other online services mentioned earlier or create a blog on your own domain name & web hosting account.

Once you have your blog setup, it's time to start monetizing it by adding in contextual advertising such as Google Adsense and/or affiliate links. Now add in some targeted keyword anchor links that point back to your other websites.

All you have to do now is post quality information to your blog a couple times per week. Also, make sure that you are pinging after you make your new post. Sending out a ping is a way to let the search engines know that you have new content on your blog. The search engines will come to crawl your blog and start indexing your new content and follow all those targeted links that point back to your other websites.

As you can see blogging is a very powerful medium!

Now just keep posting quality information to your blogs, and if you keep up with it and continue to add new content on a regular basis, you'll start reaping the benefits of blogging like a pro.

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Monday, June 19, 2006

Important Search Engine Ranking Information

Over the past couple years that this free home business tips blog has been being published, I have discussed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips and Search Engine Rankings Tips numerous times.

However, today I came across a page on a website that has an unbelievable amount of free SEO and search engine ranking factors than can influence your rankings in the major search engines.

Heck they even go so far as to split the various factor's into categories for you and rank each factor according to the likelihood that it affects your website's rankings.

The tips were written by some of the top individuals in the SEO field. As someone who knows quite a bit about SEO myself, I have no doubt that following the information on this page will help your rankings!

This is the best list of search engine ranking factors that I can remember ever seeing.

So, here you go...

Search Engine Ranking Factors

Now get out there and start your SEO campaign to get your website to the top of the search engine rankings!

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Free Internet Marketing Tips Blog

Today's free home business tip technically isn't one tip at all. Instead it's another blog that I want to direct you to that is full of all sorts of online business tips... some are free, some are not free... but all are GREAT!

This particular blog is called, "Willie Crawford's Marketing Insights" and it is filled with Internet marketing tips, techniques, and insights from one of the most well known and respected Internet marketer's in the world, Willie Crawford.

I have personally learned countless online business tips from Willie over the years. The man is a genius when it comes to Internet marketing and all types of online business.

So, without futher ado, I would like to direct you to his Internet Marketing Insights Blog -

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Where to get Quality Private Label Rights Content

Hello again biz tips readers!

Today's free home business tip is about how to get quality private label rights (PLR) content for your website. And even get it for FREE!

As you probably already know, or at least should know, building a website without quality content is like running your car without ever changing the oil. You may get by for a while, but eventually it's gonna blow up!

The problem for many new online marketers is how to create all the quality content that search engines feed off of and visitors demand. Just coming up with even ten pages of content can seem like a nearly impossible task, let alone 100's of pages.

Well, if you have the money, you can outsource this task to others. A quick search for outsourcing sites will show that there are people offering up to several hundred dollars for as few as 20 or 25 articles. However, this method of getting quality content will empty your bank account in a flash.

For those of us not so blessed with money to waste, the alternative is to create the content yourself or find a much cheaper way to get it created for you without losing any quality. But trying to do that can make even the most determined Internet marketers throw their hands up in defeat.

This is why many Internet marketers turn to private label rights (PLR) content. At first glance it seems so easy. Join a membership site offering private label content, find an article about your niche and slap it on your site and wham... instant content.

The problem here becomes duplication. You want your website to offer unique informational content that will keep both the search engines and most of all, your visitors coming back time and time again. If you have the same content on your site that hundreds of other sites do, you are not offering anything new to keep your visitors and/or the search engines interested. As is usually the case in life, the best answer lies somewhere in the middle.

There is a membership site called Infogoround that offers private label articles, products and content. You pay a relatively small monthly fee and in exchange you have access to a searchable database of content. You also receive niche products every month that you can do pretty much anything you want to with.

Everything they offer comes with private label rights meaning you can put your name on it and use it as if you were the one who created it. The key to best using this site though is that you need to change the content to suit your needs and make it original.

When it comes time to write an article for your ezine or to create another content page for your website, just visit Infogoround. Go to their search page and type in a keyword that describes what you want to write about. Then up comes articles concerning your topic.

Do not just use the articles as is. Instead, take the time to read through the ones that seem to best focus on the content you want to create. Get ideas from these articles. Then use them to create an outline of the articles you want for your ezine or website. If you have Microsoft Word, copy the article to it and use the Autosummarize option under the Tools Menu to pull out the main points of the article. Now instead of having to start your article from scratch, you have good quality content to get the creative juices flowing. Often you can churn out quite a few articles just from the one example by doing this.

If there are a few parts of the article you want to use as is, go ahead. Just rewrite the paragraphs before and after to keep things unique. Use a thesaurus to find synonyms for words and change the article that way. Add an introduction at the beginning using your own personal perspective. Create a summary for the end of the article recapping the highlights. Make sure you come up with an original keyword rich title.

There are hundreds of different ways to say the same thing using the English language. Taking advantage of this and adding your own words and experiences can turn a private label article into unique creative quality content. This gives you the advantage of being knowledgeable for your visitors and keeping search engines coming back for more.

Now at this point you may still be saying to yourself, "Didn't you say we could get quality private label content for free? Paying a membership fee to Infogoround every month doesn't sound free to me!"

Ah Ha... This is where Infogoround is different and better then most membership sites. Every month you pay $24.95 to receive access to very high quality private label rights content. But every month you also have the opportunity to get that $24.95 membership fee waved by writing just one article. Yes, that's right. If you write and submit just one accepted quality article to Infogoround each month then your membership is FREE!

Read on...

When you are ready to write an article for your ezine or website, just log into Infogoround and go to the publishing center. Create an article using the private label content you have available to you from their database. Use the suggestions above to create a completely unique article.

There are also numerous tools to help you check your article for grammar and common errors inside the Infogoround site. Once you have the article written and checked, hit submit.

Provided your article meets the basic requirements that every writer must follow, within two days Infogoround will have your article scanned and published into the database. Once it is published at Infogoround, you can then use it into your ezine or website.

By doing this, not only do you now have a good content article on your website that you created, but you will also be paid $24.95 for writing just this one article. You are then free to take advantage of all the other private label content and products available at Infogoround at no charge for the rest of the month.

Most members at Infogoround that use your article for content on their site will use some of the above techniques to make the article theirs. This will help you continue to keep your content yours. For those that do just copy and paste, this one article may lose some of its unique value but not all of it.

But by using Infogoround private label content and the above strategies, you can virtually create as many articles per month as you want. Even if you only write a few other articles per month, your websites uniqueness rating to visitors and search engines alike would be much higher. This rating will get you a lot further in the Internet Marketing game then your competitor's who are posting a bunch of replica content pages.

So, where do you find this amazing private label membership site they call infogoround? It's easy! Just
click HERE
and then start creating a content website that the search engines and visitor's both love.... then laugh all the way to the bank!

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Success University Testimonial

Hey biz tips readers, I just wanted to share an email I got from one of my Success University downline members a couple days ago...

===Start of his email==

Subject: Trent Thank You! A Testimonial For You From Jim Kelly

I just want to personally thank you for introducing us to Success University. We began actively promoting it on May 14 and just 22 days later (today) we hit counselor level, with another 8 or 9 in the trial membership phase...

Out of a total of I believe 16 people, a whopping 4 are at premium level (granted 2 are friends) so even 2 out of 16 is something at premium level.......if 2 more stay in I believe it's day after tomorrow, we will be income qualified in the first month at $120 (residual income). Do you know how long it took me at SFI to hit that?!....

I know we are small fish but we are going to really promote this program at this point and going forward, as we havent seen anything like it before! We intend to focus on learning and do even better in the next 22 days...

I can't thank you enough for telling us about it! The issue now will be getting others in the downline to promote and bring in new people.

===End of his email==

As you can see, great things are happening for members of Success University! And this is just one testimonial, I get emails like this from members of Success University all the time.

I would love to have you on my team!

You can find Success University here:

If you have any questions about Success University or anything else dealing with online business just let me know.

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg

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Monday, June 05, 2006

Achieve Business Success By Setting Goals

The free home business tips for today are about achieving the success in your business that you desire by setting (and reaching) goals.

So, without further ado let's get on to your business tips for today...

Despite your best intentions, you will never achieve the home business success you are looking for if you never set goals for yourself and your business.

Ask yourself, "What goals have I written down for myself and my business?" Then write down any that you have not!

Most people never set goals for themselves or their business. One day leads to another and the days continue to disappear without business success. How can you get to where you want to be if you never know where you are going?

The biggest roadblock to goal setting is YOU. Setting goals require you actually to write down your dreams and put a date of accomplishment to them (then stick to it). Do not get in the habit of working your business without goals. This leads to apathy, an empty checking account, and credit card bills.

Goals are the lifeblood of your home business. Statistics have proven over and over that small businesses fail within the first five years. You do not want to become a statistic, you want to become a success!

How do you become successful at setting goals?

The first step you should do is to write down your dreams. What dreams do you have for your life and your home business? Write them down. When would you like to achieve these dreams? Put a date of accomplishment to your dreams. Get a pad of paper and start writing. Be bold and write them all down. Your dreams are now your goals.

You now have business goals with deadlines. Your first step is accomplished.

Your business goals should be short term and long term. In order for your goals to become a reality you will be required to take steps that will ultimately lead to accomplishment. Look at your list. What actions will you need to take to reach your goals? Again, write those steps down on your pad of paper.

You now know what steps are required to achieve your business goals.

Remember that steps are not huge, but small. Daily steps toward your business goals will bring you to the accomplishment of your dreams.

Armed with your list of business goals and the steps required to achieve them, you can now start each day as a challenge to accomplish those tasks. But wait, there is something else you need to be aware of...

Have you ever reached the end of a day exhausted and asked yourself this question?

"Where did my day go?"

You then look at your day and realize that you did not accomplish one step toward your home business success.

"Time Wasters" are everywhere. Time wasters have their own agenda: to stop you from achieving your home business goals. Do not let them win! To achieve your goals you must learn to recognize and eliminate your "time wasters".

Keep a log for every hour of your day for an entire month. Write everything down that you do. It is easier if you break your day up into fifteen to thirty minute increments. Do this for one month and you will be able to identify your "time wasters". Use the information to learn how to better use your time. The better you get at effectively using your time, the better you will become at achieving your business tasks.

Home Business Success doesn't happen to the uninvolved nor does it happen overnight.

Business Success happens to those who are persistent in reaching their goals. Review your goals daily and modify them as needed.

You should never be without business goals. Dream and make goals to reach those dreams. Keep your goals before you. Continue to add goals to your life and home business. Your passion will keep you focused as you accomplish each step toward achieving your long-term goals. Dare to be successful and it shall be so!

Also, one of the greatest resources you have before you to help accomplish success in your home business and personal life in general is... Success University!

Now get going on the first step toward achieving your home business goals and changing your life!

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Saturday, June 03, 2006

The COMPLETE Internet Money Making Guide

Welcome back biz tips readers!

Today's free business tip is an article posted on one of the forums I moderate about many of the various ways to make money online and some of the positives and negatives of each one.

Although there are a few points in the article that I disagree with, for the most part I think it is a VERY good article and something everyone looking make money online should read.

It was written by Steven Wagenheim who is also the creator of the "Honest Income Program" -

Anyway, here are the free online money making tips for today:

The complete Internet Money Making Guide

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