Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Make Money Online Using WebSEO to Build Backlinks

If you want to dominate the search engines and actually make money online then you need to get backlinks, and lots of them. But not just any link will do, you need keyword anchored backlinks. This will greatly increase your authority in the search engines which will then increase your rankings and traffic. In the end you make a lot more money!

Getting perfect backlinks is very difficult to do but there are several ways to get backlinks. You can submit articles to directories, write guest blog posts, do link exchanges, set up some link bait, write good content and hope people link to it, submit your site to web directories, comment on dofollow blogs, social bookmarking, forums, and lots of other things. However, most of those are very time consuming and will only get you so far.

What can you do to really ramp up your link building efforts?

There are several resources that can help you build backlinks. Some of the popular ones are Backlink Solutions, LinkVana, Article Marketing Automation, Traffic Kahuna, Article Marketer, Unique Article Wizard, and Bookmarking Demon. However, there is no way the average person trying to make money online could afford to pay for all of these each month. And it would be very difficult to find the time to write the articles and manage them all.

So, what's an option for people without the money for all those recurring subscriptions or the time to manage them all?

It's called WebSEO and it's a backlink building service that was created with those exact people in mind. A service that will help you get the links you need to achieve top search engine rankings and make money online without going broke or using up all your time in the process.

It's not a flashy or hyped up service. In fact, it's very straightforward and mostly unheard of. You don't even really get any information by visiting the site. Oh, in case you are wondering, the above link is not an affiliate link. I don't think they even have an affiliate program. I'm only telling you about it to help you get more backlinks and make more money!

Like I said, there isn't much information on the site so you might not know what the heck you are supposed to do. Here's the step by step process for you to follow:

1) Go to http://webseo.org
2) Register for an account. It's free.
3) Wait for admin to approve you.
4) Once approved you can then log in.
5) Choose the link package you want.
6) Pay via Paypal.
7) Submit your keywords and links.
8) Wait for your links to roll in.

That's it. Very simple and very affordable!

Keep in mind that this is a new system so there might be some changes being made here and there until all the kinks are worked out. So, the above process could change, or may have changed by the time you read this. Even still I am sure it will stay very simple and straightforward.

This link building system can be used as much as you want. You don't have any minimum use requirements or limits on how much you can use it. Just use it to get backlinks whenever you need to. There are no monthly fees, no strings attached, and no work on your part. Pretty good deal if you ask me!

It's definitely worth giving it a try!

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg
Free Online Business Tips

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Great Way to Increase Your Traffic, Backlinks, Rankings and Profits!

Every blogger and/or website owner is always trying to increase their traffic and make more money. One of the best ways to do this is to get more backlinks and improve your search engine rankings. I am about to tell you a great way to increase your website traffic, get more backlinks, and raise your search engine rankings, which will result in you making more money!

There are plenty of blog contests going on at any given time. You know, the ones where you do a certain task such subscribing to their feed, blogging about their site, linking to a certain blog post, or something else along those lines and you get a certain amount of entries to the contest for doing each task.

Typically the prize for winning the contest is money or a free product, but it can be any number of things. The winner is picked randomly at the end of a specified time and is given the prize.

Often times the bloggers who hold these contests will ask for sponsors to donate money and prizes to the contest and it can really end up being a big deal with hundreds of entries and a lot of great prizes. The sponsors will usually get at least one link back to their site/blog and often times it's more than one link.

I'm sure by now you have figured out where I am going with this. Yep, you guessed it; I am going to tell you that sponsoring some of these contests is a great way to increase your traffic, backlinks, rankings, and ultimately your profits!

You can usually donate just about anything you want as a sponsor of the contest. If you have a product that you have created you can offer it for free to the winner, you can donate some money to the contest, you can offer to give a free review on your blog, a free ad spot on your site for a month, or just about anything else of value that you have to offer.

I am currently a sponsor of a contest on a very popular make money online blog. It is consistently ranked in the top 5 on Google for "Make Money Online" (usually #1) and it's also ranked highly for many other keyword phrases in the make money online niche. All I did was donate $25 to the contest, which I will send to the winner as soon as I am told to do so. It was that simple!

So far I have gotten at least two permanent backlinks from this blog and both were keyword anchored. This will certainly help to increase my search engine rankings and long term traffic. I have also been sent a few hundred direct visitors from the links so far. All this for a measly $25 donation. And if you don't have any extra money that you can give then you can always do one of the other free options I mentioned above to become a contest sponsor.

Sponsoring contests is also a good way to make some great new online business friends and contacts as well as get more recognition for your website/blog. You are a winner no matter how you look at it!

Check out the popular blogs in your niche and see if any are running contests and need sponsors. Usually they will say in the contest post that they are looking for sponsors for it but even if they don't you can always offer to be a sponsor and see what they say.

This is something you can do over and over again on many different blogs or websites as long as you have something of value to offer as a contest sponsor. It won't take long for all those backlinks and traffic to add up!

That's it for your free online business tips for today. Come back soon for more home business tips, internet marketing information, and money making advice. Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed so you don't ever miss out on new posts!

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg
Make Money Online from Home

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Monday, July 07, 2008

Finding the Perfect Backlink

It’s no secret that you need inbound links (also called backlinks or inlinks) in order to rank highly on search engines. Just about any backlink is better than nothing, however certain inlinks are much better than others and you should be spending more of your time getting these.

So what is the perfect backlink? Is it even possible to find the perfect inbound link? Here are some criteria you should consider when you set out on your linking campaigns…

Related Sites

As a general rule the best backlinks are from websites that are related to yours in content and niche but do not directly compete with your site. For example: A link from a make money online blog to your work at home website would be ideal.

Anchor Text

The anchor text of the link should include keywords related to your website. Anchor text should also be varied because if all your links have the same anchor text they will not appear natural to the search engines. For example: If your website is about home based business then you might have links with anchor text such as; home business, work at home business, home based business opportunities, home based jobs, and others related.

Page Rank (PR)

When you have an inbound link from an authority website with high PR it will carry much more weight in the search engines than a link from a new website or one without any rankings.


Your backlinks should be live, followed links. If it contains the “nofollow” tag you are not getting any benefit from the link as far as the search engines are concerned. Make sure you are getting do follow backlinks!

One Way Links

If a site is linking to your website without you linking back to them in return it’s called a one way link, and these are much better than link exchanges, paying for links or any other way of artificially gaining backlinks.

Deep Linking

All of your backlinks should NOT be pointed at your home page. Deep linking is when you have inbound links pointing to internal pages of your website. This appears more natural to search engines and will help boost your rankings. If all your inlinks point to one page of your site (usually the home page) it can be interpreted by the search engines that you are trying to artificially inflate your rankings.

Gradual Link Building

You should gradually build your inbound links over time instead of all at once. The gradual building of backlinks is much more natural and will help a lot more with your search engine rankings.

Spread It Out

Your inlinks should come from many different sites. Having a lot of sites linking to you with just one link each is almost always better than having a lot of links from just a few sites.

Updated Content

Search engines love sites that are updated frequently instead of static sites that never (or rarely) get updated. So getting an inlink from a site that is updated often such as a blog is often better than getting one from a static site.

Number of Links and Position

With all other things being equal it’s always better to have your link on a page with fewer outbound links as opposed to a page with a lot of links. You will get a lot more “link juice” this way and your backlink will carry more weight with the search engines.

It’s debatable but the location of the link on the page can also count towards your link juice. Some people say the higher your link is on the page, the more weight it is given.

Aged Domain

The older a site is the more authority it gains with the search engines. So if you have inlinks from sites that have been around a long time it’s a lot better than having all new sites linking to you.

Links in Content

An inbound link from a page with a lot of content such as inside an article is much better than a link from page that is just a list of links and no real content.

Age of Backlinks

It’s always good to keep getting new links so after time you will have aged inbound links and new inbound links. It looks pretty darn good to search engines if you have sites that have been linking to you for years and you are also still getting new links.

Finding the perfect backlink is not easy to do, if such a link even exists. However, the above tips will help you tremendously in finding high quality inbound links that will definitely increase your search engine rankings and traffic to your website!

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg
Make Money at Home

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