Friday, October 03, 2008

7 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Do

You have your own home business and are entirely self-employed. You are the owner, manager, accountant and all the other employees bundled up into one body. You work harder than anyone you know yet it doesn't seem like you have a "real business" because you are at home all day. So how do you keep yourself in the right state of mind and knowing that you have a legitimate home internet business?

Here are seven things every home business entrepreneur should do to stay in the business state of mind and find more success:

1. Supply your office. Just because you run a home business doesn't mean you can't have a real office. Supply your office with the necessary equipment to run your business professionally. This could consist of things like a desk, a comfy chair, computer, fax machine, printer, copier, phone line, stationary, etc... All the things that businesses tend to have.

2. Get up early. You don't have to get up at 5am with the rest of the idiots who sit in traffic for two hours every day on the way to their jobs, but don't sleep all day either. Get up at a decent time and make it the same every day. This will keep you on a regular schedule to help get you going on each business day.

3. Wear nice clothes. Don't throw on sweatpants and a t-shirt after your morning shower. You should dress as if you had to go to an office. The better you dress the more professional you will feel. This is great for keeping you feeling like a real business person.

4. Go somewhere. Since you don't actually have to commute to work you can use that time to go to your local cafe for some breakfast. Use this time to plan your business day and get yourself in the right state of mind. Bring a notebook and planner to write down notes to self and get your to do list ready.

5. Get started. You look great, feel like a real business professional, and have a full stomach, so it's time to start your work day. Head back to your home office and get started on your list of business tasks to accomplish that day. It's best to do the most important things first so you can get them out of the way.

6. Find business friends. Just because you don't have coworkers or other business associates around you all day like regular businesses do doesn't mean you can't find a suitable replacement for them. Go find other entrepreneurs in your area to build relationships with. Have lunch meetings or brainstorming sessions with your "coworkers" a couple of times per week.

7. Speak business. When you are emailing or talking to clients, prospective clients, other business people, or anyone else that has anything to do with your business you should speak as if you were at a corporate office. Say things like, "I'll be at the office all day" or "My company deals with..." and other things that keep you sounding like a business professional instead of someone who just sits at home all day.

Ok, that's it. Now you have seven things you, as a home business entrepreneur, should do to keep a professional business image and get yourself in the right state of mind to do business each day. These simple tasks will work wonders for helping you to succeed in your home business.

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg
Owner of a top home business website and a popular work at home blog.

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